Disc golf is BOOMING and we are here to tell you about it. Where were you during the great Free Agency class of 2022? This year will go down as one of the most wild, entertaining, future of the sport molding, years in disc golf history.

So first, we obviously need to dive into what in the actual **** is Innova doing letting all of their top talent walk! Is Innova set in it’s ways of letting the brand maintain itself on the backs of it’s loyal fanbase? Is it true that they don’t pay their players what they deserve? Or is it just bad timing with contracts ending, and paying top talent doesn’t fit into their salary cap?

We believe Innova is making a huge mistake. The players are key in both building and maintaining your brand. As disc golf fans we fall in love with the players first. What was Paul putting with when he won the Memorial Championship presented by Discraft? These are things we want to know so that we can go buy a Luna and make putts as effortlessly as he does. That’s how that works right? 

Anyways, what do you think? Is Innova making a mistake? Do they have a master plan and will be laughing in all of our faces at the end of 2022? 

We have plenty more to talk about including specific player signings and much, much more. STAY TUNED!